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grouper's products and services 

Grouper's Solutions, Products and Service are designed to be flexible in order to meet your business specific needs. Our processes and tools integrate with the project methodology that would suit your operation.

Enterprise Resource management

With Grouper, businesses are able to make significant savings  by adopting workflows and corralling data and processes into their ERP systems. 


We offer a HR software with heart that  help you focus on people, not processes. with our help, organise  all data  you gather throughout  employee life cycle.

Managed Services

Grouper's Managed Services are designed to automate and simplify your IT, allowing you to focus on core business and accelerate innovation.


Establishing  a governance structure  helps  strategic direction, design and implementation decisions to consider what is best for the the organisation.


Our powerful risk  methodologies, tools and solutions, deliver a one-two punch on your enterprise, operational and 3rd party risk and vulnerabilities. 


Helping you transform regulatory affairs by re-imagining operations with domain expertise and digital, to increase revenues, scale, and compliance.


Grouper's Assurance tools, processes and methodologies not only helps your organisation to securing the present, but also to create a strong future.

Project Management Office

Portfolio, Programme & Project management is the enabler for unlocking growth, boosting agility, & improving on your business transformation. Grouper helps you make the best out of it.

Data documentation

With the right tool and process, Grouper helps you Discover, Inter-operate complex Databases and connect your enterprise data. Join us to take you on data revolution journey.

Audit & investigation

Audits are a crucial part of continuous improvement in ecosystems. With the adoption of Management Systems alongside cutting-edge digital tools, we help you improve customer satisfaction and reduce revenue loss.

Data Protection

whether it relates to GDPR, California's CPA, or the German SDM, Privacy is not just an obligation, but an enabler for the organisation as a whole.  Our Data protection services, turn your privacy requirements into business advantages. 

Cyber Security

Wherever vulnerabilities exist, cyber criminals are well prepared to exploit them. Grouper's  integrated approach is to prevent intrusion, minimize risk, control loss, and stay resilient. We help organisations proactively detect, respond to, and recover from cyber risks/threats.

HR Software with 💜

Modern HR work doesn’t always happen at a desk, or even in an office. Sometimes it happens at the bus stop, in the breakroom at lunch, or after your Tuesday kickboxing class. You need HR software that can keep up with your busy schedule.  

We have just the thing. Whether you want to look up a coworker’s phone number or approve a time-off request, our free mobile HR app gives everyone in your organization easy access to essential BambooHR functions at all times.


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